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By providing authentic casino rentals in California, Casino Magic Parties allows you to throw your own Las Vegas themed parties whenever you want!
Whether you are planning a fun party at home with friends or family or looking for something new to liven up your next business party or event, Casino Magic Parties has just what you need.
We make it easy for you to enjoy the thrills and excitement of a Las Vegas Vacation without traveling away from home.

What we do

Casino Magic Parties will give your guests a unique night out filled with good natured fun. Casino Magic Parties can turn your home, business, or event venue into your own personal Las Vegas Style casino. With real felt layouts of the card and dice games, roulette wheels, high quality chips and more you can enjoy your favorite games or try your hand at something new.
Experienced, professional dealers will explain each game and help inexperienced players learn along the way making each hand or roll fun for novices and experts alike.

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Casino Magic Parties is San Diego’s largest traveling casino. We offer many games you find in Las Vegas casinos. Whether you are interested in playing authentic Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, or Poker we have the expertise and customer service skills to bring Las Vegas to you.

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We give guests of Casino Magic Parties $500 of funny money to start the night : no guests will have to bet their own cash .Guests can use their funny money on any of our wide variety of games,which feature Vegas – Style tables .cards and other equipment. Dealers at each table also take the time to explain important rules of the games to beginners, making sure everyone has fun at the casino party.

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